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Laravel Herd

Herd is a blazing-fast, native Laravel and PHP development environment for macOS. It includes everything you need to get started with Laravel development, including PHP and Nginx. Once you install Herd, you're ready to start developing with Laravel.

My Journey with Herd


  • Herd uses static binaries for PHP, nginx, and dnsmasq, making it faster than other PHP development environments.
  • Herd automatically migrates your existing Valet preferences so that you can keep working without interruption.
  • Herd comes with PHP 7.4 - 8.3, and you can switch between any of these versions in seconds. Herd even lets you pin sites to specific PHP versions.
  • Herd includes binaries for Composer, the Laravel installer, and Expose, making them available to your CLI automatically.

Boost Your Laravel Development on macOS with Herd: Get Started Today at herd.laravel.com

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